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VFX Animation Growing Industry & Why Should you give a thought to build a career in it?

VFX Animation Growing Industry  

When we hear the phrase “Visual Effects” we tend to think of movies. These are admittedly what most people are referred to when they talk about visuals. VFX stands for Visual Effects. It is a technology that does make videos out of a compound of live actions shots and digital images.


VFX radically changes the character creation means by combining the effects of real-world physics with the rapid creation of soft-tissue elements like muscles, fat, and skin. By mirroring the fundamental qualities of nature, users can produce CG characters that move, flex and twitch just as they would in real life, excluding difficult levels from this rigging method. It can create a wide range of video creations from live footage visuals, altered videos, and computer-generated imageries. In VFX, the most commonly used tool is a green screen, which is a background that can be easily removed from behind the actor after creating the required images on the background. These visual effects cannot be created on a film physically, so they are created virtually through computer graphics.

In the past 10 years, the VFX industry has grown exponentially. The big Hollywood/Bollywood studios outsourcing video editing work to professional companies.

It will be advisable for the students to watch out for & what opportunities that VFX offers in their career For more details kindly visit our website: as VFX is a skill-based career and has got nothing to do with the degree qualification of an individual. So, one can learn advanced VFX in a year and can save money and most importantly time.

Help full Insight:

The VFX can be grouped into five different categories:

  • Simulation FX
  • Animation
  • Modeling
  • Compositing
  • Matte painting

Job Titles for a VFX artist:

  • Concept artist
  • Digital Paint Artist
  • Compositor
  • Layout Artist
  • Match Move artist
  • Matte Painter
  • Roto Artist
  • Technical Director
  • VFX supervisor and many more For more details kindly visit our website:

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Important tip which we say to our students for any common entrance tests

 An important tip which we say to our students for any common entrance tests etc. 

Common entrance tests

whenever you are preparing for an objective test keep syllabus in mind. remember in terms of an outline for common entrance tests. 

like, title 👉subtitle 👉each subtopics headlines and heartline of contains 

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Take one set of your objective preparation books and revise it how many times you can.

last 5 to 10 years question PAPER PRACTICE if available accordingly 

MAKE TIME TABLE and stick to it.

Common entrance tests

Remember 50 to 70 percent will be easy and direct questions will be asked in objectives, 20 to 30 will be a little difficult, for more confusing 10 to 20 percent will be asked. so first attempt easy questions in any common entrance tests.

While analyzing with your knowledge or by rational thought or logically first put that two option out which after analyzing you feel wrong, then only two will be left, where a right option will be  VERY easy to mark. 

If negative markings are not there then choose any one ALPHABET of the object and mark those which you did not crack during that time. 

So make BOOK AS BEST FRIEND and remember you should be Mentally, Physically, and Socially fit.



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